Green Juice Power: Harnessing the Benefits of Karela, Lauki, and More to Beat Diabetes

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Karela  Juice 

Discover Karela juice's blood sugar-regulating advantages. Karela contains insulin-stimulating chemicals.

Lauki  Juice 

Lauki juice's low-calorie, high-fiber content hydrates. Lauki juice regulates blood sugar and weight.

Spinach  Juice 

Spinach and celery juices provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These liquids lower inflammation, increase insulin sensitivity, and boost health.

Fenugreek  Juice 

Fenugreek and amla juice lower blood sugar, so try them. These juices boost insulin secretion and minimize insulin resistance.

Cucumber  Juice 

Cucumber-mint juice hydrates and regulates blood sugar. Nutrient-rich juices.

Green Juice Recipes 

From Karela-Lauki juice to a variety of green vegetable blends, these recipes will help you harness the power of green juices. 

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