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The Back Pain Epidemic: Exploring the Causes Behind 840 Million Sufferers

Poor Posture 

Good posture should be maintained while sitting, standing, and moving heavy objects to prevent injury to the spine.


The discs and joints in the spine take extra stress when a person is overweight. Chronic back pain and other disorders are strongly linked to obesity.

Muscle Imbalances 

The muscles of the back, abdomen, and hips can all contribute to tension on the spine if they are not working in harmony with one another.


Back discomfort can be caused by a lack of regular activity and weak muscles. Targeted workouts aimed at strengthening the back and core muscles can help reduce pain.

Poor Lifting Techniques 

Back injuries and pain are common results of improper lifting practices, such as bending at the waist instead of using the legs.

Psychological Factors 

Back pain is one indication of the physical manifestations of stress, worry, and mental anguish.

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