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10 Best Angled Hair Ideas for Women (2023)

Angled Hair Ideas for Women – Welcome to our ultimate guide on angled hair ideas for women, your go-to resource for everything you need to know about this chic and versatile hairstyle trend. Whether you’re looking to make a bold style statement, add dimension to your hair, or simply change things up, angled haircuts offer a plethora of exciting options.

Angled haircuts have been making waves in the world of hairstyling for a good reason. They’re edgy, fashionable, and can complement various face shapes, making them a fantastic choice for women of all ages and backgrounds. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll delve into the world of angled hair, providing you with a wealth of ideas, inspiration, and practical tips.

From classic angled bobs to long and short variations, we’ll explore a wide range of styles, accompanied by guidance on how to choose the perfect one for you. Whether you’re a seasoned angled hair enthusiast or contemplating this style for the first time, this guide has something for everyone.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey through angled hair ideas for women, helping you discover the ideal look to express your unique personality and boost your confidence.

Why Angled Haircuts are Trending

Angled haircuts have taken the hairstyling world by storm, and it’s not just a passing trend; they’ve firmly established themselves as a popular choice for women of all ages. Here are some compelling reasons why angled haircuts are currently in vogue:

  1. Versatility: One of the most significant advantages of angled haircuts is their versatility. They can be tailored to suit various hair types, lengths, and personal styles. Whether you have long, short, straight, or curly hair, there’s an angled haircut that can be adapted to your unique features.
  2. Modern Edge: Angled haircuts exude an edgy and contemporary vibe that appeals to those seeking a fresh and fashion-forward look. The clean lines and asymmetric shapes of these hairstyles can instantly transform your appearance and make a bold statement.
  3. Face Framing: The angled haircut’s ability to frame and accentuate your face shape is a key reason for its popularity. It can highlight your best features, such as cheekbones or eyes, while softening less-desired ones.
  4. Low Maintenance: While many trendy hairstyles require extensive styling and upkeep, angled haircuts often require minimal maintenance. They can maintain their shape with regular trims, allowing you to enjoy your stylish look without the daily struggle of high-maintenance hair.
  5. Personal Expression: Your hair is an essential part of your identity, and angled haircuts offer a fantastic canvas for self-expression. Whether you opt for a classic, understated look or something more daring, an angled haircut can reflect your personality and style.
  6. Celeb Influence: Celebrities and fashion icons have played a significant role in popularizing angled haircuts. With stars like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, and Jennifer Aniston rocking these styles, they’ve become aspirational for many women.
  7. Adaptability: Angled haircuts can seamlessly transition from casual to formal, making them suitable for various occasions. You can effortlessly switch up your look with different styling techniques, from sleek and polished to tousled and carefree.
  8. Ageless Appeal: Angled haircuts are age-neutral, which means they are suitable for women of all ages. Whether you’re in your twenties or fifties, an angled haircut can make you feel confident and stylish.

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Angled Hair Ideas for Women

Long Angled Bob (Lob)

The long angled bob, often referred to as a “lob,” is a trendy hairstyle characterized by shorter hair at the back and longer strands in the front. This cut creates a chic and stylish look that’s both versatile and low-maintenance. With its shorter back layers, it provides a sense of volume and body, while the longer front sections frame the face beautifully.

You can wear it straight for a sleek appearance or add waves for a more relaxed vibe. The long angled bob suits a wide range of face shapes and hair types, making it a popular choice for those seeking a modern yet timeless hairstyle.

Inverted Bob

The inverted bob is a bold and fashion-forward haircut that features shorter layers in the back and longer layers in the front. This creates a striking, angular effect with a dramatic slope from the nape of the neck to the front of the face. It’s a contemporary twist on the classic bob, adding edginess and style to your look.

This haircut is ideal for those seeking a statement hairstyle that accentuates their facial features and neck. It offers versatility, allowing you to wear it straight, curled, or textured for different occasions. The inverted bob complements various face shapes and can be customized to your preferred length and level of intensity, making it a daring yet elegant choice for those looking to make a bold hair statement.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

The asymmetrical pixie cut is a daring and contemporary hairstyle characterized by short, cropped hair on one side and longer, more dramatic strands on the other. This edgy style adds a touch of rebellion and individuality to your appearance.

It’s a versatile choice, as you can adjust the degree of asymmetry to match your personal style and face shape. This haircut offers a bold and modern look that’s low maintenance and easy to style. It’s perfect for those who want a statement hairstyle that exudes confidence and flair.

The asymmetrical pixie cut suits a variety of hair textures, from straight to wavy to curly, and it can be personalized with different colors and textures for a unique and eye-catching look. Whether you opt for a subtle or bold asymmetry, this haircut is a bold and stylish choice for those looking to stand out.

Angled Shag

The angled shag haircut is a trendy and textured style that combines the edginess of an angled cut with the free-spirited vibes of a shag. It features shorter layers in the back and longer, feathery layers in the front, creating a dynamic and layered appearance.

This haircut adds volume, movement, and a touch of retro charm to your hair. The layers frame the face beautifully and can be customized to suit your preferences, from subtle angles to more dramatic slopes.

The angled shag works well with various hair types and lengths, making it a versatile choice for those seeking a fun and stylish look. It can be worn straight for a sleek finish or with waves and curls for a more bohemian feel. Overall, the angled shag is a chic and contemporary hairstyle that adds personality and character to your appearance.

A-Line Cut

The A-line cut is a sophisticated and geometric hairstyle known for its sharp, angular lines. It features shorter hair in the back that gradually tapers into longer strands in the front, creating an “A” shape. This haircut is sleek and chic, with a timeless appeal.

The A-line cut suits various hair types and face shapes and can be customized to your preferred length. It provides a clean and polished appearance, making it ideal for both professional and casual settings. Whether you opt for a dramatic or subtle A-line, this hairstyle exudes elegance and modernity.

You can style it straight for a sleek look, add waves or curls for texture, or experiment with different colors and highlights to make it uniquely your own. The A-line cut is a versatile and flattering choice for those seeking a stylish and structured haircut.

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Layered Angled Cut

The layered angled cut is a versatile and trendy hairstyle that combines the structure of an angled haircut with the dimension and movement of layers. It features shorter hair at the back, gradually transitioning into longer layers in the front, creating a dynamic and textured look.

This haircut adds volume and body to your hair while maintaining a sleek and polished appearance. It’s suitable for various hair types and face shapes, allowing for customization to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer subtle layers or more pronounced angles, the layered angled cut offers a modern and stylish aesthetic.

You can style it straight for a sophisticated finish, add waves or curls for a playful touch, or experiment with highlights to enhance the layers and angles. The layered angled cut is a chic and flattering choice that brings versatility and dimension to your hairstyle.

Wavy or Curly Angled Hair

Wavy or curly angled hair is a captivating and stylish choice that accentuates the natural texture of your locks while embracing the allure of an angled haircut. This hairstyle combines the classic asymmetrical cut with the beauty of waves or curls.

The shorter back layers provide structure and shape, while the longer, wavy or curly strands in the front add volume and a touch of romance. It’s a versatile look that suits various face shapes and hair types, offering an effortlessly chic appearance.

You can enhance your waves or curls with styling products, like curl enhancers or texturizing sprays, for a more defined and captivating effect. This style exudes a sense of relaxed sophistication, making it perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Wavy or curly angled hair is a striking choice that celebrates the natural beauty of your hair’s texture while embracing a contemporary haircut.

Blunt Cut with Angled Ends

A blunt cut with angled ends is a sleek and modern hairstyle that combines a straight-across, blunt cut with edgy, angular tips. This haircut features hair that is trimmed straight across at the bottom, creating a clean and polished look. However, it is the sharp, angled ends that set this style apart.

The angular ends can be customized to your desired level of drama, whether you prefer a subtle or more pronounced angle. This versatile haircut complements various hair textures and lengths and is suitable for both straight and wavy hair. It offers a contemporary and fashion-forward appearance that exudes confidence and sophistication.

You can wear it with a center or side part, and it pairs well with bold hair colors and highlights to further accentuate the angled ends. A blunt cut with angled ends is a bold and stylish choice for those looking for a unique twist on a classic look.

Colorful Angled Hair

Colorful angled hair combines the trendy appeal of an angled haircut with vibrant and eye-catching hair colors. This style allows you to express your individuality and creativity by incorporating various shades, highlights, balayage, or ombre effects into your hair.

The angled cut, characterized by shorter hair in the back and longer strands in the front, provides a dynamic canvas for playing with color. You can opt for bold and unconventional hues, like pastels, neon colors, or rich jewel tones, to make a statement. Alternatively, you can choose a more subtle approach with natural-looking highlights that add dimension to your hair.

Colorful angled hair is versatile and can be tailored to your personality and preferences, making it a fun and personalized choice. It’s a fantastic way to stand out and showcase your unique style while embracing the beauty of an angled haircut.

Braided or Twisted Angled Updo

A braided or twisted angled updo is a captivating and elegant hairstyle that combines the sophistication of an updo with the modern angles of an angled haircut. It features intricate braids or twists that sweep your hair upward and create a stunning visual effect.

Starting with the shorter back layers and gradually incorporating longer strands from the front, this updo is a work of art. It can be customized with various braiding techniques, such as fishtail, Dutch, or French braids, or twists for added texture and dimension.

This style is perfect for formal events or special occasions, adding a touch of glamour and intrigue to your look. It beautifully showcases the angles of your haircut while creating an eye-catching and timeless updo. A braided or twisted angled updo is a versatile and enchanting choice for those seeking a sophisticated and unique hairstyle.

How to Choose the Perfect Angled Haircut

Choosing the perfect angled haircut is an exciting process that allows you to express your unique style and enhance your features. To ensure you get the ideal angled haircut for you, consider the following steps:

  1. Face Shape Assessment: Start by determining your face shape. Common face shapes include oval, round, square, heart, and diamond. Different angled haircuts suit various face shapes, so identifying your face shape is crucial.
    • Oval Face: Oval faces are versatile and can pull off most angled haircuts.
    • Round Face: Angled haircuts with volume on top and length on the sides can elongate a round face.
    • Square Face: Soften strong angles with angled haircuts that have textured layers.
    • Heart Face: Balance a heart-shaped face with chin-length or longer angled hair.
    • Diamond Face: Opt for angles that add width at the cheekbones and chin area.
  2. Hair Type and Texture: Consider your hair type and texture. Angled haircuts can work with straight, wavy, or curly hair, but the style may need to be adapted to suit your natural texture. Consult with your stylist for recommendations based on your hair type.
  3. Lifestyle and Maintenance: Think about your daily routine and how much time you’re willing to spend on styling and maintenance. Some angled haircuts require more upkeep than others. Be honest with your stylist about your commitment level to ensure you get a manageable style.
  4. Personal Style: Your personal style plays a significant role in selecting the perfect angled haircut. Are you looking for a classic, elegant look, or do you prefer something more edgy and contemporary? Collect inspiration photos or Pinterest boards to show your stylist.
  5. Consultation with a Hairstylist: Consult with a professional hairstylist who specializes in angled haircuts. They can provide expert advice on which styles would suit your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. Ask for their input and consider their suggestions.
  6. Consider Hair Length: Determine whether you want a short, medium, or long angled haircut. The length will impact the overall look and feel of your hairstyle. Short angles are bold and daring, while longer angles can create a more subtle effect.
  7. Additional Elements: Think about any additional elements you want to incorporate into your angled haircut, such as bangs, layers, or highlights. These can add depth and dimension to your style.
  8. Trial Runs: If you’re uncertain about committing to a specific angled haircut, consider trying it out with a wig or using virtual hairstyle apps to see how it looks on you before making the final decision.


In the world of hairstyling, angled haircuts for women have proven to be more than just a trend; they’re a timeless expression of individuality and style. With the versatility to complement various face shapes, the adaptability to suit diverse lifestyles, and the modern edge that never goes out of fashion, angled haircuts are here to stay. Embrace the confidence and empowerment that come with a well-chosen angled haircut, and let your unique beauty shine through. Whether you’re opting for a classic bob or an edgy pixie, the perfect angled haircut is your key to turning heads and feeling your best every day.


What is an angled haircut for women?

An angled haircut is a hairstyle where the hair is cut at an angle, creating a slope from one side to the other. This cut can vary in length and style, offering versatility and a unique look.

Who can get an angled haircut?

Angled haircuts can be adapted to suit various face shapes and hair types, making them suitable for most women. The key is to choose an angle and length that complements your features.

How do I know which angled haircut suits my face shape?

It’s essential to determine your face shape (e.g., oval, round, square) and consult with a hairstylist who can recommend the best angled haircut for you based on your unique features.

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