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10 of the Best Chicken Breeds for Eggs

Best Chicken Breeds for Eggs – Selecting the best chicken breeds for egg production is a crucial decision for poultry enthusiasts and small-scale farmers alike. The choice of breed significantly impacts egg yield, overall flock health, and the satisfaction of tending to backyard chickens.

This guide explores both popular and lesser-known breeds, delving into their characteristics, temperament, and adaptability. From the prolific Rhode Island Red to the efficient Leghorn and the record-breaking Australorp, we’ll examine each breed’s strengths and considerations.

Whether you’re aiming for high egg production, dual-purpose utility, or specific traits like shell color, this overview provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions for a successful and rewarding poultry-keeping experience.

Importance of choosing the right chicken breed for egg production

Selecting the right chicken breed for egg production is paramount for several reasons. First and foremost, the choice directly influences the quantity and quality of eggs a flock will produce. Different breeds exhibit varying levels of productivity, with some renowned for consistently high egg yields. This decision is also crucial for those seeking dual-purpose breeds, balancing egg production with meat quality.

Moreover, considering the temperament and adaptability of chicken breeds is essential. A well-suited breed ensures easier management, reduced stress for both chickens and caretakers, and overall success in maintaining a healthy flock. Factors like climate resilience, disease resistance, and compatibility with other breeds are vital considerations.

Ultimately, the right breed contributes to the sustainability and efficiency of egg production, making it a key element in the success of poultry farming endeavors, whether on a small backyard scale or in larger commercial operations.

Best Chicken Breeds for Eggs



Leghorns are renowned for their prolific egg-laying, producing large white eggs consistently. Known for their active and hardy nature, Leghorns thrive in free-range settings. Their efficient egg production makes them a popular choice for those seeking high yields.

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Reds are celebrated for their dependable egg production, consistently laying brown eggs. With a reputation for hardiness and ease of care, they are an excellent choice for backyard flocks. These birds boast a friendly disposition, making them suitable for various environments.

Known for their adaptability, Rhode Island Reds are resilient in different climates. Overall, they are valued for their reliability in laying and are a popular breed for those seeking a combination of productivity and ease of management.

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Sussex chickens are prized for their calm demeanor and reliable egg production. Available in various colors, including white, red, and speckled, Sussex lay large brown eggs. Their friendly nature makes them a great addition to backyard flocks.

With a reputation for being hardy and adaptable, Sussex chickens thrive in diverse environments. These birds are well-regarded for their combination of temperament and productivity, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced poultry keepers. Whether in a free-range or confined setting, Sussex chickens consistently contribute to a steady supply of quality brown eggs.

Isa Brown

Isa Browns are hybrid layers known for their exceptional egg-laying prowess. Specifically bred for high productivity, these chickens consistently deliver large brown eggs. Recognized for their efficiency, Isa Browns are a popular choice for those seeking abundant egg production. Their friendly and docile nature adds to their appeal, making them suitable for backyard flocks.

Due to their hybrid genetics, these birds often outperform many traditional breeds in terms of egg yield. Easy to care for and adaptable, Isa Browns are favored by both novice and experienced poultry keepers seeking a reliable source of quality eggs.

Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock)

Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock)
Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock)

Plymouth Rocks, commonly known as Barred Rocks, are prized for their dual-purpose capabilities, excelling in both meat and egg production. Renowned for their friendly demeanor, these chickens lay large brown eggs consistently. Recognizable by their distinctive black and white barred plumage, Plymouth Rocks are not only productive but also visually appealing.

Hardy and adaptable, they thrive in various climates, making them suitable for diverse environments. Whether foraging in free-range spaces or kept in confined quarters, Barred Rocks maintain their reliable egg-laying reputation. With a balanced combination of temperament, aesthetics, and productivity, Plymouth Rocks are a popular choice for backyard poultry enthusiasts.

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Golden Comet

Golden Comets are hybrid layers celebrated for their exceptional egg-laying abilities. Known for efficiency in egg production, these chickens reliably yield large brown eggs. Renowned for their friendly and docile nature, Golden Comets make for excellent additions to backyard flocks. With a striking golden plumage, they also add aesthetic appeal to the flock.

These hybrid layers are bred for high productivity, often outperforming traditional breeds. Adaptable and easy to care for, Golden Comets are favored by both novice and experienced poultry keepers seeking a consistent supply of quality eggs from their feathered companions.


Australorps are revered for their exceptional egg-laying capabilities, holding a world record for laying the most eggs in a year. These chickens consistently produce large brown eggs, making them highly prized for their prolific nature. Known for their calm and friendly temperament, Australorps are a joy to have in backyard flocks.

Their adaptability to different climates and environments further enhances their appeal. With glossy black plumage and a stately appearance, Australorps also make for attractive additions to any poultry setup. Whether for beginners or seasoned poultry keepers, these birds stand out for their reliable performance and easygoing nature.

New Hampshire Red

New Hampshire Reds are valued for their robust egg production, laying large brown eggs consistently. Similar to Rhode Island Reds, they are known for their hardiness and adaptability to various environments. These chickens have a friendly disposition, making them suitable for backyard flocks. With a balance of productivity and ease of care, New Hampshire Reds are popular among poultry keepers seeking reliable egg layers.

Their attractive chestnut-red plumage adds to their visual appeal, making them a favorite choice for both practicality and aesthetics. Whether in free-range or confined settings, New Hampshire Reds reliably contribute to a steady supply of quality eggs.


Wyandottes are versatile, dual-purpose chickens recognized for both meat and egg production. With a friendly disposition, they make great additions to backyard flocks. These birds lay large brown eggs consistently, contributing to their reputation as reliable layers. The Wyandotte’s distinctive feature is its attractive, laced plumage in various color varieties, adding visual appeal to any poultry setup.

Known for adaptability and cold-hardiness, Wyandottes thrive in diverse climates. Their calm demeanor makes them suitable for beginners, while their productivity satisfies experienced poultry keepers. Whether raised for eggs, meat, or as backyard companions, Wyandottes are prized for their well-rounded attributes and contribution to sustainable poultry farming.



Orpingtons, known for their gentle temperament, are prized for both egg production and ornamental purposes. These chickens lay large brown eggs consistently, making them reliable contributors to a steady egg supply. With a friendly and docile nature, Orpingtons are excellent choices for family-friendly backyard flocks. Recognizable by their fluffy plumage and various color varieties, including black, blue, and buff, they add aesthetic appeal to any poultry setup.

Hardy and adaptable, Orpingtons thrive in different climates, making them suitable for various environments. Whether sought for their productivity or as charming feathered companions, Orpingtons stand out for their overall versatility and amiable disposition.


In conclusion, choosing the right chicken breed for egg production is a pivotal decision in poultry management. The selected breed significantly impacts egg yield, overall flock health, and the practicality of dual-purpose utility. From prolific layers to resilient, adaptable breeds, thoughtful selection enhances the sustainability and satisfaction of poultry keeping.

By considering traits, temperament, and local conditions, poultry enthusiasts can ensure a successful and rewarding experience in egg production, whether for personal enjoyment or small-scale farming.


What factors should I consider when choosing a chicken breed for egg production?

Consider factors such as egg production rates, temperament, adaptability to your climate, space requirements, and whether you want a dual-purpose breed for both eggs and meat.

Which chicken breeds are known for the highest egg production?

Breeds like Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, and Australorp are renowned for their high egg production rates. ISA Brown and Golden Comet, hybrid breeds, are also known for prolific laying.

Are there breeds suitable for small backyard flocks?

Yes, breeds like Sussex, Plymouth Rock, and Golden Comet are not only good layers but also have docile temperaments, making them suitable for backyard environments.

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