The 10 Best Barnacle Billy’s in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Prepare your taste buds for a gastronomic journey as we explore the coastal charm and seafood excellence of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, through the lens of the renowned Barnacle Billy’s. With its picturesque seaside setting and a menu brimming with ocean-fresh delights, Barnacle Billy’s captures the essence of Maine’s culinary prowess.

Join us as we navigate the diverse offerings, from succulent lobster dishes to mouthwatering seafood platters, showcasing the best that this iconic establishment has to offer. Whether you’re a local seafood enthusiast or a visitor seeking the quintessential Maine dining experience, this blog unveils the top 10 Barnacle Billy’s gems that promise to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more of Cape Elizabeth’s coastal culinary treasures.

Best Barnacle Billy’s in Cape Elizabeth

Savor the essence of coastal Maine dining at its finest with our curated list of the best Barnacle Billy’s locations in Cape Elizabeth. From waterfront views to mouthwatering seafood specialties, these top picks promise an unforgettable dining experience, blending the charm of this seaside town with the culinary excellence of Barnacle Billy’s.

1. Barnacle Billy’s

Nestled along the picturesque coast of Cape Elizabeth, Barnacle Billy’s stands as the epitome of seaside dining perfection. With its timeless charm and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, this iconic establishment offers a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. Renowned for its delectable seafood fare, Barnacle Billy’s showcases the best of Maine’s maritime bounty.

Feast on succulent lobster, freshly caught and expertly prepared, or indulge in a seafood platter featuring a variety of ocean treasures. The inviting ambiance, coupled with a menu that celebrates the region’s culinary heritage, makes Barnacle Billy’s a must-visit destination for locals and travelers alike. Whether you’re seated on the sun-drenched deck or enjoying the cozy interior, the exceptional flavors and coastal ambiance of Barnacle Billy’s create a dining memory that lingers long after the last delicious bite.

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2. McLoon’s Lobster Shack in Spruce Head, Maine

Nestled in the quaint village of Spruce Head, Maine, McLoon’s Lobster Shack stands as a hidden gem, offering a coastal dining experience that captures the essence of New England’s maritime charm. Overlooking the scenic harbor, McLoon’s is renowned for its fresh and flavorful lobster dishes, a true celebration of Maine’s culinary heritage.

From lobster rolls bursting with succulent meat to lobster dinners served with all the traditional fixings, every bite at McLoon’s is a savory journey into the heart of Maine’s seafood culture. The casual and welcoming atmosphere, combined with the sound of seagulls and the aroma of the ocean breeze, makes McLoon’s Lobster Shack a destination that goes beyond satisfying your appetite—it provides a genuine taste of coastal Maine’s rich flavors and relaxed ambiance.

3. The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport, Maine

Nestled in the charming coastal town of Kennebunkport, The Clam Shack is a culinary beacon that draws seafood enthusiasts from near and far. Renowned for its iconic lobster rolls, this beloved eatery captures the essence of Maine’s coastal cuisine. The Clam Shack’s lobster rolls are a testament to simplicity done to perfection, featuring succulent chunks of lobster meat cradled in a buttery, toasted bun. The crispy golden-fried clams, another highlight of the menu, add a delightful crunch to the seaside feast. With a history dating back to the 1960s,

The Clam Shack embodies tradition, serving up quintessential Maine flavors against the backdrop of scenic waterfront views. Whether you’re savoring a lobster roll at a picnic table or strolling along the bustling streets of Kennebunkport with a clam basket in hand, The Clam Shack offers a quintessential Maine dining experience.

4. Red Hook Lobster Pound in Brooklyn, New York

In the heart of Brooklyn, New York, the Red Hook Lobster Pound brings a taste of Maine’s coastal charm to the city’s vibrant culinary scene. This urban oasis is celebrated for its fresh and expertly prepared lobster dishes, showcasing the same commitment to quality found in Maine’s traditional lobster pounds. The lobster rolls at Red Hook Lobster Pound are a delicious marriage of simplicity and excellence, featuring generous portions of lobster meat nestled in a buttery, perfectly toasted bun.

Whether you opt for the classic Maine-style roll or indulge in variations like the Connecticut-style with warm butter, each bite is a flavorful journey to the shores of New England. With its lively atmosphere and dedication to delivering the authentic taste of Maine, Red Hook Lobster Pound has become a beloved destination for lobster aficionados in the heart of Brooklyn.

5. Luke’s Lobster in New York City

Amidst the bustling streets of New York City, Luke’s Lobster stands as a beacon of seafood excellence, offering a taste of Maine’s coastal flavors in the heart of the urban landscape. Renowned for its commitment to sustainable sourcing and transparent seafood practices, Luke’s Lobster is a go-to destination for those seeking top-quality lobster rolls and seafood delights.

The signature lobster roll, served in a buttered and toasted split-top bun, is a culinary masterpiece, allowing the sweet and succulent flavor of Maine lobster to take center stage. With a menu that extends beyond lobster to include crab and shrimp rolls, each bite at Luke’s Lobster is a savory exploration of the sea’s bounty. Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite at one of their city locations or savoring the experience at their cozy eateries, Luke’s Lobster brings the authentic taste of Maine to the vibrant streets of New York City.

6. The Daily Catch in Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nestled on the charming island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, The Daily Catch is a seafood haven that captures the essence of coastal dining. This quaint eatery is celebrated for its commitment to fresh, locally sourced ingredients and its delectable seafood offerings. From the catch-of-the-day specials to signature dishes like the lobster spaghetti, The Daily Catch promises a culinary experience that mirrors the maritime beauty of Nantucket.

The intimate and welcoming atmosphere, combined with the aroma of the salty sea breeze, enhances the dining adventure. Whether you’re indulging in a leisurely meal on the outdoor patio or savoring the flavors in the cozy interior, The Daily Catch invites you to immerse yourself in the coastal charm of Nantucket while relishing an array of delicious seafood delights.

7. Atlantic Fish Company in Boston, Massachusetts

In the heart of historic Boston, Massachusetts, the Atlantic Fish Company stands as a beacon of seafood excellence, embodying the city’s rich maritime heritage. With its prime location in the iconic Back Bay neighborhood, this renowned establishment has been a seafood destination since 1978. The Atlantic Fish Company is celebrated for its commitment to serving the freshest and finest seafood sourced from the Atlantic Ocean.

From succulent lobster and tender scallops to flavorful clam chowder, each dish reflects the culinary expertise and dedication to quality that defines this Boston institution. Whether you’re enjoying a meal in the warm and inviting dining room or soaking in the lively atmosphere of the outdoor patio, the Atlantic Fish Company invites you to savor the flavors of the ocean while basking in the vibrant energy of one of America’s most historic cities.

8. Biloxi Blues in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

In the heart of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Biloxi Blues is a hidden gem that brings the flavors of the Gulf Coast to the forefront. This charming eatery, named in homage to the nearby city of Biloxi, is a celebration of Southern seafood traditions and culinary craftsmanship. Biloxi Blues boasts a menu that pays tribute to the bounty of the Gulf, featuring dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients. From perfectly seasoned shrimp po’boys to the indulgent richness of crawfish étouffée, each bite reflects the unique fusion of flavors found in coastal Mississippi.

The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with the restaurant’s commitment to quality, makes Biloxi Blues a beloved destination for both locals and visitors seeking an authentic taste of Southern hospitality in the heart of Ocean Springs.

9. Nobu in Malibu, California

Perched on the scenic coastline of Malibu, California, Nobu transcends traditional seafood dining, offering a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors in a stunning oceanfront setting. This internationally acclaimed restaurant, with its flagship in Malibu, is the brainchild of renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa and actor Robert De Niro. Nobu Malibu is celebrated for its innovative seafood dishes, such as the signature Black Cod Miso and Yellowtail Jalapeño, which showcase the culinary mastery and creativity synonymous with the Nobu brand.

The restaurant’s sleek design and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean create an ambiance that complements the exquisite cuisine. Whether you’re savoring sushi on the outdoor patio or experiencing the omakase menu in the chic dining room, Nobu Malibu delivers a sophisticated and unforgettable seafood dining experience on the iconic California coastline.

10. The Boathouse in St. Augustine, Florida

Nestled along the historic waterfront of St. Augustine, Florida, The Boathouse is a culinary gem that combines coastal charm with a menu inspired by the diverse bounty of the Atlantic Ocean. Overlooking the scenic Matanzas River, this restaurant offers a quintessential Florida dining experience. The Boathouse is renowned for its array of seafood delicacies, from freshly caught shrimp to the daily selection of fish prepared with a Southern flair.

With a commitment to providing a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, The Boathouse invites guests to unwind on the spacious outdoor deck or enjoy the nautical-themed interior. Whether you’re savoring a seafood platter with friends or indulging in a romantic dinner with a waterfront view, The Boathouse captures the essence of St. Augustine’s coastal heritage, delivering a memorable dining experience that blends culinary excellence with the charm of Florida’s oldest city.

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Final words

Embarking on a culinary journey through the 10 Best Barnacle Billy’s in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, has been a delightful exploration of coastal flavors and seaside charm. From the iconic Barnacle Billy’s to hidden gems like McLoon’s Lobster Shack and The Daily Catch in Nantucket, each establishment showcased the rich maritime heritage and culinary excellence that define Maine’s coastal dining scene. Whether you prefer the classic lobster rolls, crispy-fried clams, or innovative seafood creations, these Barnacle Billy’s destinations offer a tapestry of flavors against the backdrop of Maine’s picturesque coastal landscapes. As we conclude this gastronomic adventure, one thing is clear—the 10 Best Barnacle Billy’s encapsulate the essence of Maine’s seafood culture, inviting locals and travelers alike to savor the taste of the ocean with each delectable bite.


Are Barnacle Billy’s locations only known for lobster rolls?

While lobster rolls are a highlight, each Barnacle Billy’s location offers a diverse seafood menu, including clams, scallops, and various fish dishes.

Do these establishments have vegetarian options?

While seafood is the main focus, some locations may offer vegetarian or alternative options. It’s recommended to check the specific menu of each Barnacle Billy’s for details.

Are reservations necessary at these Barnacle Billy’s locations?

Reservation policies vary by establishment and may depend on the time of year. It’s advisable to check with each location for their reservation policies.

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